Sometimes my hands don’t feel like my own.

I need someone to love.

I need someone to hold.

thatgermankid replied to your post: If I had a time machine the first thin…

take jesus with you

I’d take him to see the westboro baptist church so that he can tell them in person just how much they’ve misunderstood what he was trying to say

If I had a time machine the first thing I’d do is go to a medieval village and bring someone back with me to the modern day so I can watch their head explode as I introduce them to the cool stuff we have today. Just imagine a 15th century farmer seeing their first skyscraper or watching Daft Punk live or having their first jagerbomb and tell me that you wouldn’t do exactly the same thing.


Out of context this looks like it’s from some progressive gay show, but in reality she’s literally trying to stop him from killing two babies and trapping their souls in a haunted house

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The Permanent Rain - Dangerous Summer